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Competitive Advantage | Making your service stand out

Dealing with competition is a major factor for most businesses and it is easier to deal with then you may imagine. Most truly successful businesses share a common factor without fail. They focus on their customers when they are in front of them and don’t really worry what the competition are doing. Their staff just focus on making people happy.

Providing your commercial and pricing options are realistic you can make an amazing difference to your client perception and retention with developing excellence programs and customer focused agent training. If you can make your customer service and client perception stand out and remembered you will be on your way. It is essential that your customers, suppliers and agents perceive your business as client focused.

We have a theory on how much better your service needs to be to really stand out from your competitors,

5% Better
Your service is not bad, its perceived as good and customers are content.

10% Better
Your service is good, Customers perceive that your service is good, customers are happy and say so to others.

20% Better
You develop a culture so your service is excellent at all times, Customers are surprised with the extra effort, they make a point of telling both you and others. Customers make a point of coming back.

Which one to you want to be?

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