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What Do Your Sales Team Need To Know?

Every sales person I have worked with wants a Winning Formula! A fix all scenario which gives them a fantastic chance of making a sale. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give this to them? Well, you can but they will need to help you and be part of the solution.

Think of it as a partnership that you build with your team members, where you provide all the help, motivation and information and they put in some really hard work and personal development.
Lets not take anything for granted in the knowledge you need to pass to your sales team to make them effective.

Your team will be made up of a variety of people and personalities. If you have recruited well it will usually contain people who seek greater responsibility and also seek recognition, achievement, self-development, advancement and will have a thirst for knowledge.

Lets just think about how much positive information business owners and directors have about their business, competitors and market segments, then contrast this with the information they pass on to their staff? In terms of numbers, who talks to the most people? Clearly, Sales staff will talk to and engage with hundreds of times more customers and clients then their management team. Lets make sure that they have the best possible information and training to maximise their sales conversions.

Key Training Areas

Client Intelligence
Product Knowledge
Selling Styles
Listening Skills
Tone and Style
Sales Roadmaps
Objection Handling
Up-Selling & Cross-Selling
Closing the Sale
Time Management

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