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Sales Skills and How to Development Them

Key Training Areas

Client Intelligence
Generally most sales personnel are not as informed as they should be on the demographics and customer traits of the clients that they deal with. A critical factor to any professional and productive sales engagement is building a relationship, and finding out what a client wants before establishing a solution or alternative. Clearly the more information any sales agent has about the client base the better. Every business should have a clear picture of the type of client they are trying to attract and this must be passed on to the sales staff. This will ensure that clients are engaged at the right level with products and services described in a way that will stimulate them to buy. This factor is particularly important with regard to foreign clients who may need to be engaged in a slightly different way. There are of course a variety of factors that are common to most buying groups and we will ensure that your team understands these.

Product Knowledge
It constantly surprises me how little product knowledge sales staff appear to have! I believe that it is reasonable for any client to expect a degree of expertise from any sales person, It is a given. The skills for any sales person are making the facts and details of their products relevant to their clients needs and aspirations. We spend time with your teams ensuring that their sales skills include making the best possible use of their product knowledge and coach on the use of the features and benefits of their products and services.

Selling Styles
The “super slick sales guy” is dead for good, and for good reason. They talk at their clients and focus on themselves. It is clear that today clients expect and deserve a much more advisory and intelligent style of selling where they are involved in a discussion that gives them great reasons to buy the product. The advantages of Advisory and Consultative styles are explored and are much more successful in training. We find that recruits that never thought of themselves as sales staff can provide very productive sales by using these techniques. Most sales teams find it much easier to “help clients to buy in a focused way” rather than ”selling to them”. Most client appreciate this style, which is the major consideration.

Listening Skills
Some of the best advice I can give in this area is simple “You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that order and proportion!” It is obvious and critical to listen to what a customer has to say, it is the information you will need and the clues that they are giving you on their preferences. Some of the biggest improvements in sales performance can be to really help your team to learn listening skills and covert them into sales for your business.

Tone and Style
When we meet people face to face we obtain clues to their attitude, personality, trustworthiness and a host of other factors from the way they look and their body language. These will simply be our perceptions but will serve us in the decision we make from our engagement with them. They way we use our voices is also extremely important, the tone and pitch we use, the speed at which we speak and our phrasing and word usage are all factors in the way we influence others. We provide valuable training in these areas that will make your team much more confident and engaging.

Sales Roadmaps
We have expertise in developing Sales roadmaps for your team, it’s our way of providing an easy to use blueprint of engagement for your sales team. It ensures that your teams have a path to follow that includes all the cues they need to remember and embraces the style and business philosophy that you want them to get across. It’s a way of helping their consistency in performance and will form the basis of your ongoing sales development and training.

Objection Handling
Dealing with so called objections from customers can be an issue for all sales staff, not just the inexperienced. Without a clarity of how to deal with objections, there can be an erosion of confidence and a deterioration of sales performance. Let us show you how customer questions can be an advantage to closing your sales. We can ensure that your team can deal with and convert questions and objections into sales.

Closing the Sale
The only real difference between a great customer service person and a great sales person is the ability of the sales person to close the deal. Poor closing ratios are very simple to analyze and to improve. We will show you how to establish a strategy for your business that makes closing the sale a natural part of your organisation. We will be able to grow your sales teams performance and closing ratios by using techniques to develop their confidence and get them to help your clients to buy.

Time Management and Performance Reporting
We believe that it is important to focus your teams on the relationship between activity and success. As part of our training we help by looking at the numbers your teams have to deal with to be successful. We can spend time on making sure that your teams organise their time to ensure they are truly effective. We do this by looking at customer contact and conversion rates, and by setting up statistics for your sales performance factors. We will be able to assist you with Individual and team performance reporting systems. The reports will be used for developing your ongoing training programs.

Personal and Team Development
As you develop your teams you will obviously start to focus on their well being. Stimulating both their minds and bodies may well be part of your ongoing plans for them and have advantages in their performance, development and retention. Let us help you to develop your staff personal development programs and also arrange, workshops and away days to stimulate and motivate them.

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