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Objection Handling Dealing With Questions

We are constantly being asked for help in training staff on the effective mechanisms of handling customer objections. We have put together a module specifically to do this and it has been very successful.

General Principles
Clients raise sales objections when they are not totally sure about a feature, benefit or price. Clients broadly fall into two main categories:

A) Silent but Worried
These clients do not say too much, question little and do not commit.

B) Open and Questioning
These clients question, challenge, and may not commit.

The good news is that if they are questioning you they are interested in the product or service. Its just that you have not given them the information, benefits and deal to buy. The type A) client needs to be identified early in any engagement and reassured along the way. Extra effort needs to be made with them, checking alone the way that they are still on board.

C) The job begins when the client says no?
Well, ideally we would hope to engage a client in a careful and caring way. We would want to lead them through the sale, Identifying their type and working out what they respond to. We would want to give them the features and benefits that suit their needs and then pricing the product or service in a range that they will respond to, so that they will buy. This is the way that an experienced sales staff would work, getting fewer objections. This is because they have responded to the needs of the customer in front of them by listening to them and responding appropriately. No matter how well you deliver your sales, the client may say still say no! So here is where the real work begins. Businesses that ensure that their teams are well trained in this area will bring extra value to their business and improve profitability.

D) More Profit
Just think what a difference it would make to your business if clients that initially said no, could be encouraged by your staff to buy! Just imagine the extra bottom line profit if just 10% extra conversion could be made by better objection handling.

E) Everyone is a winner
Your staff will feel satisfied that they have done a great job, and your clients will be satisfied with your products and services.

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