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How To Train Your Sales Team

Do you have a clear plan and structure for your team? What ever the size of your business you need to consider:

Team Organisation
Team Management and Communications
Team Targets and Motivation
Team Salary, Commission Structures and Progression
Team Reporting and Time Management
Team Coaching and Development

If you do not have the items above clearly thought out and in place, you will be substantially less likely to have a successful sales team. The first step is in ensuring that you actually have the structure and organisation in place to support your team. If you are not organised and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it your team will find you out! Most failures in sales teams are generally organisational, recruitment and training related. Get the basics right and you will give yourself a framework for success.


This initial phase will put pressure on your whole management team (and it should), it will document and totally clarify if you have the infrastructure to support a great sales team.
This initial stage should be developed with not only the commercial teams but with your marketeers and supply chain personnel. And will ensure that the message your sales team is putting out is in line with the marketing strategy and also deliverable with your supply chain and logistics.

If you provide a clear blueprint of how the team will be expected to work and integrate into your organisation your sales team will be engaged, motivated and feel supported and secure. Most importantly they will know what is expected of them in terms of quantity and quality. You will then have the basis to move forward.

We can help you to clarify how to do this, our initial consultations and fact finding services are free of charge.

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