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Improving customer service in your organisation training your business for success

We have developed a 6 stage process that will move your business forward in a way that it can deliver excellent customer service. We will help you to reap the benefits that this will bring. The route is a simple one but requires commitment from all areas of your business and staff. This commitment will translate into added value fro your business.

We focus all our training on techniques that will asst your teams to become more proactive in the move from a passive component to an integrated part of your sales effort. We will help you to improve your staffs hard and soft skills to ensure that they are fully able to take advantage of the opportunities to help customers to our business. It is an expensive business getting customers to your sites so lets ensure that they get the most out of their visit and your businesses maximises every opportunity.

Great business are able to harness the relationships between:
a) The business owners, who often through entrepreneurial risk, investment and commitment produce and business infrastructure to be proud of, with perhaps great shops or premises in nice areas with a great product range.

b) The business employees, who appreciate the opportunities that they have to work in a pleasant environment, and understand that they have to do their part to deliver value to the business and move it forward. They have a duty to move these items or services from the shelves and to exchange them for customer revenues.

c) The customers, who generally support business where they feel comfortable, are treated better then expected and given good product advice, in an environment where they feel valued.

So that all of the three get added value from the relationship, there is a mutual respect but importantly a defined responsibility to perform, and a commitment to provide excellent customer service. It is not possible for this to happen without a consistent and well defined approach to Customer Service Training so that nothing is left to chance and the business employees know how best to engage customers.

Please take a look at our process and we will guide you through the workflow and give you some ideas on how to progress. The training has been very successful and is cost effective, motivational and informative. Investment in 2009/10 in training has been increasing significantly, we are on hand so that you are not left behind.

Our training is customised for your business and not available anywhere else in Europe. The training skills are highly practical and immediately transferable into the working environment.

We look forward to being of assistance to your business very soon, we are totally committed to making a difference to your business.

Mark D'Mello
Founder Business Consulting
"Training In Malta"

Step 1 - Make a commitment
Customer service in any business cannot move forward without the will to change, improve, motivate and not accept any other than being the best that you can be. Improvements will not come from half hearted attempts and certainly not from expecting others in your organisation to do it for you! The enormous benefits can only be truly realised by ensuring that everybody in your organisation, without fail is 100% behind the concept and will deliver it 24/7 to your customers.

There is no place in the modern business environment for anything less than total commitment to excellence in customer service, simply put, if you do not encompass it your clients will choose to spend their money with vendors that do, no matter how big your brand.

The choices available to your clients are growing alarmingly, you are not now only competing with stores in your neighbourhood,city or country but global offerings from online vendors and worldwide suppliers that ship globally.

Your commercial advantage is clearly your staff and the difference that they can make to your customers experience can be a valuable asset. This clearly provides:

1) A pleasant client experience, satisfied clients come back
2) Driving loyalty - we all know that Its much cheaper to keep clients then acquire them.
3) Add value to the client spend, and better motivation for your team
4) Delivering Up-Sales, increasing the spend per client
5) Delivering Cross-Sales, selling additional items, from other categories.
6) Delivering positive feedback and enhancing reputation.
7) Giving the business a competitive advantage.
8) Better staff retention a more pleasant and rewarding job for your team.
9) Making your business an attractive place to work, attracts staff.

It is widely accepted that top class customer service can deliver up to 20% more bottom line in up-sales, cross sales and loyal customer added value and referrals. We can show you the proven route to achieve big gains for your business.

Gallup Management Group research in 2008 showed that improving employee engagement is important because engaged employees have:

- 51% lower staff turnover
- 27% less absenteeism
- 18% more productivity
- 12% higher profitability

Mark D’Mello
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Step 2 - Define the Project
Your customer service strategy needs to be defined from the top of your organisation down, from the business owners to the management of your business to your supervisors and then your team. It is obviously vital for any strategy to incorporate the business owners corporate and company philosophy.

In this way training can be delivered to all the key personal in order of seniority so that the training is delivered as part of your management communications and ensures that there is a consistency in the message and working practice from the top down, Staff are motivated when they see their managers delivering the message in their own day to day work.

We will share our knowledge in a consultative fashion and give your business plenty of well tested ideas on driving the customer service forward to really bring added value to the business.

We will work with your designated implementation manager and assist them to define the project in line with the business requirement. We will get a chance to understand and implement strategies for development based on the staff personalities and issues of your individual business, we will advise on:

1) The scope of the project
2) How the project will be measured
3) What reporting structures will be needed
4) Define what training is to be delivered and why
5) Manager Training will be planned
6) Supervisor Training will be planned
7) Staff Training will be planned
8) Training materials to be produced
9) Follow up and ongoing planning
10) Setting dates and deadlines and key performance indicators

In addition we will also help you to manage the changes that will be required and explore all the implications to ensure that the development is well thought through and professionally implemented. We will ensure that we are available to you every step of the way to ensure success.

Step 3 - Management Training
Once the training has been defined it will need to be rolled our to your management team. It is going to be important for them to;

1) Understand what is going to be delivered to their teams ( Step 4 )
2) Understand what responsibilities they will have in the training
3) Understand how the project will be measured
4) Be shown any reporting that will be needed
5) get an opportunity to include their own positive input to the process.
6) Make them feel valued in the process
7) Managing customer service teams
8) Motivating, coaching and developing their teams
9) Management Styles

Your managers will be key in reenforcing and implementing the customer service in your operation so it is key that they are on board and have the necessary training and development to drive the effort forward.

We will deliver all the training that they need and be on hand to assist you with any questions that they may have and also discuss with them any particular isssues they may have with members of their teams. We will provide all the training to stimulate and motivate them to drive the project forward on a day to day level.

It is possible that your managers will need some training skills to develop further, this can be assessed with you and implemented if necessary.

Step 4 - Training your team
Here will will deliver the training that has been agreed on, we will be sure to to both clear and motivational and Fun. We will deliver all the training that they will need to give the performance increases required.

They will receive a detailed understanding of what great customer service is and how to deliver it. This will be based on group training and discussion. There will be a full audio visual presentation. We will give your teams a lot to stimulate them, and the skills to follow them through.

1) Why is customer service important?
2) The business commitment to customer service
3) Responsibilities for us all, competitive advantage

4) Customer Types and Demographics
5) First Impressions, making customer comfortable
6) What customers want, but don't say

7) Commercial Awareness
8) Product Knowledge
9) Listening Skills / Objection Handling

10) Selling Skills, helpful selling, consultation
11) Up Selling, adding value
12) Cross Selling, useful additions

13) Dealing with Complaints
14) Dealing with difficult customers
15) Targets and Reports

The focus of the training will be to stimulate and inform your teams on how they can reall make a difference to the business, achieve more each day and deliver extra value to their careers, the bottom line and the customer experience.

Step 5 - Your Training Support
It is important that all training is reinforced at regular intervals, so that it is refreshed and refocused from time to time. We can advise you on how this can be done in very focused ways. We will assist with follow up training and evaluations to ensure that every team member is delivering the extra that is expected of them, this will include additional training for your management team on how to monitor and train staff members.

1) Team and individual promotions
2) Awards
3) Competitions
4) Company Podcasts
5) Away Days
6) One 2 One special Training
7) Website information & Downloads
8) Mystery Shoppers and reporting

If this is not done there will be a general degrading of effectiveness over time. In addition it is important to establish a planned implementation of training for all new employees so that they are given the same competitive advantage.

Recruitment we almost certainly be influenced by your customer focus commitment, it will be important to ensure that all new members of staff are recruited with the correct skill sets to deliver your customer service service level agreements. We will be there to assist you in designing the appropriate recruitment evaluation programs.
Step 6 - Your Documentation
We believe that the process will have ongoing value if you end the exercise with a reference file for the project. This will be a point of information and look up for your managers to reinforce your customer service commitment.

We have a number of options that can be integrated into your own training programs and this may include:

1) Your own training website
2) Your own training manual
3) Podcasts for your teams, Iphone, Blackberry, Android and iPod.
4) Podcast downloads from your staff website.
5) Powerpoint Presentations.

All of these can be topic driven and can provide your team with the reference information they will need to improve areas identified by their managers. We would be happy to produce these for you in any format that you may require.We would recommend to you that you arrange a full documentary system from us, to drive your in house training forward.

During the process we will be there at every step to assist you, make recommendations and customise the training to ensure it is right for your business and people. We will do what it takes to make your team successful and make sure that it reflect your business style and philosophy.