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Telesales Training - Effective Sales Calls

One of the most effective ways to engage new customers is to make telesales calls, unfortunately, some of the poor techniques used have made this a more demanding challenge today. The reason is that until recently telesales has been treated like a second cousin to the main selling efforts of the business and consequently has not been given the funding and resourcing necessary to be successful. Quite often untrained agents have been trusted to engage in client sales, this has had the potential to damage client perception of receiving telesales calls.

Some generalizations can be made in similarities of the sales techniques used in face to face and telephone selling, however, its in the understanding of the differences that can serve to make telesales effort very successful. In tele-selling it is vital to have a very clear plan for your agents. They need to have an intelligent, clear and repeatable mechanism for their calls, and this does not mean scripting them! They clearly need to have the confidence to really know how to engage your clients and totally believe in their success.

Key Training Areas

Knowing clients and making assumption, client psychology
A good reason to call
Product knowledge, features and benefits.
Selling styles, advisory and consultative behavior
Questioning and listening skills
Tone, style and speed
Sales roadmaps, having a plan
Objection handling
Closing the sale
The relationship between work rate and success

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